From taping songs from the radio and making mixtapes on his cassette deck as a kid to spinning at exclusive venues, Rob Da Selekta has always been passionate about music. He spent his high school years learning the science of sound, mixing audio for live entertainment shows. In his freshman year of college he teamed up with J-Kutti to form the DJ duo known as System 21 to much succes, with multiple residencies spanning over 5 years. The crazy duo played a vital part in the massive growth and success of the Ezra Block Parties in Waterloo, whose legacy continues to this day.


A decade later and the Selekta is busier than ever, constantly perfecting his craft and bringing his unique style and showmanship to every event. He is not a one trick pony, spending hundreds of hours curating the newest tracks across a variety of genres. This allows him to be extraordinarily adaptable to any audience and show. From the hottest nightclubs to street festivals and private events, he rocks every crowd.


Based out of Toronto, this dynamic and versatile DJ & party host can be found all over the GTA & Southwestern Ontario.

"Recommended by 9 out of 10 dentists"

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